Tennessee drivers pay an average of $490 more per year than the U.S. average for all states. Not only that, but nearly 40% of drivers have never compared rates to see if they were overpaying.

The fact is, Tennessee drivers are not alone. Americans in general do not make a habit of shopping around for lower prices. 70% of American car insurance customers have stayed with the same company for at least the past 4 years.

Auto insurance rates in TennesseeAnd to make matters worse, over that 4 year period, had they compared rates annually and switched to a cheaper company, they would have saved almost $3,500 in insurance premium!

If you're one of those drivers who hasn't done a rate comparison recently, then it's time to do so. Most insureds make the wrong assumption that they won't save very much if they switch. In actuality, they could save an average of over $800 a year just by spending a few minutes getting quotes from other car insurance companies.

Popular Insurance Quotes in Tennessee

Tennessee covers the gamut as far as vehicle models go, everything from rugged trucks to high MPG hybrids. The models listed below are the most popular vehicles sold in Tennessee, and therefore are the most often quoted for insurance coverage. For additional Tennessee cities and towns, click the button at the bottom.

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